Centurion Mag Repairs specializes in scratch repairs on all aluminum and steel wheels. If the scratches on the mag wheel is not to deep and we can match the color of the mag we can do a surface repair which is quicker and more cost effective than ref

Potholes and bad road surfaces are a very common problem on the roads in South-Africa and cost drivers millions of rands every year. If you hit a pothole or object on the road and your wheel is buckled don’t rush out to a dealer and buy an exp

Centurion Mag Repairs specializes in the high polishing of mag wheels. To obtain a mirror like finish we use high-speed rotary polishers. Wheels that were previously polished can be stripped and polished to a bright shiny chrome-like finish. We also

After cleaning and repairing the mag, it is time for the finishing touch. We start by applying a primer coat, the wheel then goes to a baking oven. The next step is where the mag is taken to the spray booth where the desired color is sprayed on. Agai

Once we have repaired your mag wheels the tyres are fitted back on the mags and balanced. Balanced wheels help to eliminate vibration and avoid premature tyre wear caused by an imbalance in the rotating wheel and tyre assembly. The first sign that yo

Centurion Mag Repairs are capable of fixing almost any damage from minor curb rash to sever pothole impacts such as cracked wheels. Don’t worry if a piece of your make broke off ,it is still repairable. By making use of a Tig welder and using h

ALSO KNOWN AS FACE POLISHING Diamond cutting is a technique that gives a painted wheel a polished face. The process is done before the protective lacquer (clear coat) is applied to the wheel. To diamond cut we use a specialized wheel turning lathe a

We also  do powder coating at Centurion Mag Repairs. We however prefer not to powder coat high performance wheels. We powder coat steel wheels, parts and basically any metal that needs a durable finish.  

You need to trade your car in or sell it but the wheels look old and tatty? Come to Centurion Mag Repairs and let us help you get  your wheels restored to their former glory. You bought a new or used vehicle and don’t like the look of th

One of the most popular vehicle modifications in the automotive world today is custom wheels and tyres. Custom wheels make you stand out from the crowd without spending a lot of money.  We also do color coating of brake calipers.  We cus

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